Morcellation is the surgical breakdown of the uterine tissues or fibroids to facilitate their removal from the body. In doing so, doctors can avoid making large incisions that would otherwise cause significant scarring and require a much longer recovery time.

Morcellators look like power drills, only they contain sharp blades on the end of the tool. They have been used in minimally invasive gynecological surgeries for more than two decades and have helped countless women get back on their feet quicker after hysterectomy or fibroid removal. In fact, laparoscopic morcellation has become rather commonplace in modern gynecological procedures.

What to Expect

Morcellation surgeries are typically performed in an inpatient or outpatient medical treatment facility. Patients are placed under general anesthesia for the duration of the procedure. During the operation, a few tiny incisions are made in inconspicuous areas of the body – often through the bellybutton and below the bikini line. A slender scope, as well as a few instruments, are inserted into the abdominal cavity through these incisions. The scope transmits images back to the surgeon, allowing for clear viewing of the treatment area. A morcellator is placed inside the uterus and used to break up fibroids or bulky uterine tissue into small pieces. This makes it easier to vacuum and extract the pieces for removal through one of the incisions.
Depending on your health and the extent of your surgery, you may go home the same day as your operation or remain in the hospital overnight for observation.

Benefits of Morcellation

Morcellators have changed the way women undergo hysterectomy and myomectomy surgeries. The benefits include:

  • Short, 2-cm incisions with minimal scarring
  • Faster recovery time
  • Lower risk of post-surgical wound infection
  • Less post-operative pain

If you are bothered by the symptoms of uterine fibroids, morcellation could provide a minimally invasive solution. Contact our office for more information about morcellation and to find out if it could be right for you.

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