Locum Tenens

The Same Quality of Care You Give, While You’re Away

Doctors deserve a break too.

You can’t be there, every single day to serve your patients. You need to get away for a while, to rest and rejuvenate so you can be at your best for your patients.

While you’re gone, you want to ensure your patients are receiving the same quality of care as if you were seeing them yourself.

Dr. Draion (Dr. Drai) Burch, DO, FACOOG is available for locum tenens positions nationally and internationally.

He brings his 13 years of experience and compassionate, holistic practice philosophy to every hospital and doctor’s office where he fills in while others are away.

Because he is accustomed to seeing patients regularly and has his own practice, Dr. Drai can come in and fit into your system seamlessly. There will be no interruption to your patient schedule or concern that someone will go unseen because no doctor is available.

Dr. Drai keeps up on the latest methodologies and studies so your patients receive the highest quality care. He brings a fresh perspective to your hospital or office, making life easier for everyone.

Contact Dr. Drai about an upcoming locum tenens position.