Addyi (Flibanserin)

Flibanserin – known by its common name as ‘Addyi’ – is an FDA-approved drug used for the treatment of low sexual desire in certain pre-menopausal women. A major advancement in the medical community, the little pink pill is boosting the libido of women who have been diagnosed with acquired hypoactive sexual desire disorder, or HSDD.
Addyi is not a form of hormone therapy, but rather a medication that affects the neurotransmissions within a women’s brain to help balance the levels of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine responsible for creating sexual desire. In women who experience success with Addyi, it is normal to experience a significant increase in satisfying sexual events, with some data suggesting an additional 6 to 8 events on average every month.

Are You a Candidate for Addyi?

If you suffer from HSDD, you are not alone. An estimated 1 in 10 women have the condition and many could benefit from the effects of treatment with Addyi. However, only your physician can determine if Addyi is right for you. You may be a candidate for treatment if you are a pre-menopausal woman who was previously satisfied with your level of sexual desire, but have since experienced a drop in libido. In general the change in sex drive should not be attributed to a potential medical condition, mental health problem, relationship issues, or the side effects of another medication or substance.

Addyi is typically taken once per day – usually at bedtime. Though the drug has been shown both safe and effective, it should not be taken in combination with alcohol, as doing so could produce unwanted side effects, such as drowsiness and dizziness.

It’s time to open the conversation about low sex drive in women and begin a new era in the treatment of HSDD. For more information about how Addyi boosts libido or to schedule your own personal consultation, contact our office today. We look forward to serving you soon.

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