Visit with Your Gynecologist Virtually from the Privacy of Your Own Home

Amaré Concierge provides telemedicine services, so you can have an office visit with Dr. Draion (Dr. Drai) Burch, DO, FACOOG without leaving the house.

This gives you the ability to talk with one of the Nation’s top gynecologists, even though you may live across the country.

Dr. Drai’s firm belief in a holistic approach that address body, mind and soul carries through to his telemedicine work. You will receive the same quality of treatment, clear communication and focus on education and preventative care that his in-person patients receive (within the confines of the virtual framework).

Through these video conferences, you can:

• Get a second opinion.
• Discuss options to solve your medical issue.
• Get a prescription.
• Get referrals to other doctors or for additional therapies.

These appointments are scheduled in advance and take place via video conference. During your appointed time, you will have Dr. Drai’s full attention. You’ll be able to ask questions and discuss intimate issues while in your own, comfortable environment.

Telemedicine gives you peace of mind, knowing that you’re seeing a top-quality professional to address your health concerns.

Dr. Drai has worked with women all over the country through his telemedicine practice. Read their stories below:

Every lady needs a Dr. Drai in their life to help keep you together. I hired him for one thing and got a whole other package plus a side order of “get it right”. He works on your body, mind, and heart. Thanks to him, I’m all the way TOGETHER.
Reality Star
My work schedule is totally hectic. With my filming schedule, it’s hard to find time to get to a doctor’s office. Having access to Dr. Drai, alleviated a lot of stress and frustration and allowed me to exercise some self-care.
Dr. Drai took a very personal stake in my well being and my recovery. He is compassionate, trustworthy and I am grateful to have him as my doctor.
Celeb Influencer

Dr. Drai does not accept health insurance. Please contact his office for pricing and appointments.