Liletta is a new intrauterine device (IUD) used to provide women with a long-term and low-maintenance birth control solution. As the benefits and convenience of IUDs grow in popularity among U.S. women, Liletta could not come to the market at a better time. Not only does it empower women with a new option, but it also comes backed with extensive data on the safety and effectiveness of the Liletta IUD.

What Is Liletta and Why Is It Different from Other IUDs?

Liletta is a hormonal IUD that provides a slow release of the hormone levonorgestrel directly into the uterus. It works by blocking sperm and also thickening the cervical mucus, preventing fertilization of a mature egg. With a greater than 99 percent success rate, Liletta is one of the most effective birth control options available.

The Liletta IUD is made up of a T-shaped polyurethane framework that contains a tiny reservoir containing the hormone. A small amount of the hormone is released into the body each day – approximately 18 mcg. After the first year, the hormone dosage gradually decreases to 16, 14, and eventually 12 mcg by year three. At that time, the IUD must be removed, though it may also be removed prior to that time if desired or necessary.

What to Expect

Liletta is inserted directly into the uterus from the comfort of our office. A pelvic exam and other screenings, such as a pregnancy test, may be necessary before placing the IUD. Liletta will be gently inserted directly through the cervix. It is normal to experience some discomfort during the insertion, though many women describe the sensation as similar to menstrual cramps. Liletta IUDs can be placed in just minutes, and you will be allowed to go home or back to work immediately following the insertion.
When Liletta is placed during the first seven days of the menstrual cycle, it goes to work right away. Placement at any other time during the menstrual cycle will require a barrier method of birth control or abstinence for approximately one week.

Is Liletta Right for You?

Only your doctor can determine if Liletta is right for you, however, most women are candidates for this type of birth control. Keep in mind that Liletta should not be used as a form of emergency contraception, nor should it be used if you have certain types of cancer or think you may be pregnant.

For more information about Liletta or to find out if you could be a candidate for an IUD, contact our office today.

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