Concierge Medicine’s Approach to Menopause

The menopause phase of life is often anticipated with premonition, wonder, jealousy, fear, impatience, nervousness, thankfulness, and indifference. How a life phase so significant can trigger such different emotions and responses in women is often the root of issues that then become the workload of a women’s health practice.

A Shift in Who I Am

Menopause is the phase of a woman’s life where her body’s reproductive system changes again and she no longer menstruates, which is the female body’s process of producing and preparing eggs for fertilization. Some look forward to this time with an “it’s about time” perspective while others have concern given all that they’ve heard from other women going through menopause. In reality, menopause is different for every woman. Some start in their 40s while others in their 50s. However, for many, menopause is often more than just a physical change. It can also bring emotional changes due to hormone fluctuations and cessation. That in turn can have a significant impact on a woman’s daily life, both physically and mentally.

Helping Hands, Not Just Prescription Notes

Amare Concierge is an innovative women’s health practice that celebrates what being a complete woman is all about, including menopause. This is a practice where Dr. Draion M. Burch, also known as “Dr. Drai,” always puts women first and foremost to create a luxurious personalized experience when visiting his Pittsburgh OBGYN. His holistic approach to women’s wellness addresses the mind, body, and soul. At Amare Concierge, women are more than just patients, they will feel as if they are part of Dr. Burch’s family.

Located in Pittsburgh, PA, Draion M. Burch, DO and his concierge medicine approach has helped dozens of women through their life transition. Amare Concierge has allowed patients to enjoy their life change versus dread it and to realize the new chapter in their physical and mental health versus be frustrated by it.

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