Important Medical Concerns Caught on Annual Exams

Many people question whether or not an annual exam is important. This isn’t surprising because people are busy and many annual exams come back clean. Ultimately, there are several important health problems that can be caught on an annual exam. The goal of an annual exam is to prevent these problems from becoming more serious. Therefore, annual surveillance is important to catch these health concerns before they worsen.

What Can Be Caught On An Annual Physical Exam?

Heart Problems

The first and probably most important of these problems involve heart issues. At most annual physical exams, an EKG is performed. An EKG is a quick and painless test that looks at the electrical conductivity of the heart. This test can detect heart problems before the patient begins to have symptoms. This is an important test because it is safer, healthier, and cheaper to catch heart problems before they become severe. If a heart problem is caught early, the patient prognosis is significantly improved. Everyone should have a physical exam each year to check the heart and make sure there aren’t any problems on the horizon.

Diabetes & Obesity

Diabetes and obesity have become some of the biggest problems in modern society. Diabetes and obesity lead to numerous health concerns such as nerve damage, kidney damage, eye damage, and heart problems. Many people would realize that they were at risk for developing diabetes and possibly make lifestyle changes to prevent diabetes if they had an annual exam. Most adults have their blood sugar checked at annual exams. This is a fast and cheap test that can alert patients and providers to any diabetes that might be developing. If this is caught early, patients can take steps to prevent diabetes before it develops and avoid the numerous health problems that go along with full-blown diabetes. For this reason, everyone should have an annual physical exam.


Finally, one of the most dangerous health concerns caught on annual exams is high blood pressure, also known as hypertension. Many healthcare providers call this the “silent killer” because it can cause numerous health problems without people even noticing that they have high blood pressure. People cannot feel hypertension. The only way to catch it prior to serious medical problems developing is by taking it with the assistance of a medical provider. Blood pressure is taken at every annual exam. People should make sure they have a physical regularly to check their blood pressure.

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