Dare to Bare: Brazilian Bikini Wax and You

Preparing for summer and the wearing of a tiny bikini has many women stepping up their fitness and wellness routine by hitting the gym for buns of steel. But for many, it also has them headed for the salon for a Brazilian bikini wax, especially since many women skipped this during COVID.

Removing pubic hair is a popular phenomenon in our society. This process removes all or most of the pubic hair on a woman. While some may do it for the feeling of freedom and others may do it as a normal part of their regular grooming, it is one of a wide selection of cosmetic treatments that have become popular in the last couple of years like teeth whitening, sunless tanning etc. The process is slightly painful for some, but most feel the results are worth it.

Why a Brazilian Bikini Wax?

A thong swimsuit or string bikini leaves little skin covered. In order to avoid embarrassing pubic hair from escaping the confines of such skimpy swimwear, many women visit their local spa for a Brazilian Bikini wax. So little hair remains, that it is nearly impossible for such a display of unsightly hair to show.

Even when it is the dead of winter, many women opt for this extreme form of hair removal. The beauty of waxing is that it lasts relatively longer than shaving and is not as irritated by tanning or suntan oils.

Beyond cosmetic reasons, many women and their partners like the feel of a nearly hairless pubic region. The erotic look and feel is thought by many to spice up their sex life.

For some women who have hirsutism, where excessive hair grows, prefer frequent waxing. Pubic hair in this region can trail up the abdomen or down the legs. Waxing offers the most clean and clear skin when coarse hair is removed.

Tips for Keeping Skin Fresh and Clear

To make sure the waxing looks good and doesn’t cause irritation the skin can be prepared beforehand and treated afterward. Moisturizing before will make the hair softer and more easily removed. Toning the skin with an astringent following the waxing will close the pores and reduce redness and irritation due to the bikini wax.

A Brazilian bikini wax can make wearing tiny lingerie and swimwear a carefree experience. Many women find it makes them feel clean and well groomed.

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