Weight Loss

Ask most women what their goal for the year is and most would say it’s to lose weight. A sexy physique is something that women want, however, going about achieving it can be confusing. With a variety of diets and methods out there, just what is the best way to go about shedding those extra pounds?

Dr. Drai has seen many a woman come in claiming that the new diet they’re on is going to help them lose weight. However, the bottom line of weight loss is that you need to take in fewer calories than you’re burning. This allows your body to turn to excess fat as a source of energy.

Unfortunately, sometimes diet and exercise are not enough. For women who have found that the last 10 pounds are just too stubborn to budge, there are several options that could make a difference.


Corsets, also known as waist trainers, have been around since the 19th century. They’ve recently made their way back into the spotlight thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian. The goal of a waist trainer is to achieve the hourglass shape that so many women.

The guidelines for today’s corsets is to begin by wearing the corset for just a few hours and slowly increase to as much as 18 hours a day. The corset should be worn while working out for maximum results. This method is controversial and offers a more temporary solution to achieving the shape you want.

hcG Shots

hcG is a hormone the body produces when pregnant – human chorionic gonadotropin. The hcG diet requires you to get injections of this hormone on a daily basis and limit your caloric intake to 500 calories a day.

hcG shots allow you to endure this very low-calorie diet without feeling starved or hungry. Without hcG, you would feel hungry, faint, and weak. Additionally, it allows your body to burn fat without eating away at the muscle in your body. One of the most important things about weight loss is to avoid losing muscle, as it burns more calories than fat and is much more dense, meaning it doesn’t take up the space that fat does.

Look at 5 pounds of muscle versus 5 pounds of fat and you’ll get the picture.

The hcG diet along with the 500 calorie restriction provides the best weight loss results, however, such restriction on calories isn’t something everyone can do. For those who simply want to try to lose weight without the strict caloric restriction, you can go ahead and just use the shots.


The juicing diet, also known as a juice cleanse, works by delivering nutrients to your body through juiced fresh fruits and vegetables. Unlike the juices found in stores, the juice diet relies only on fresh fruits and veggies. No extra sugars or other additives.

The juicing diet is a great way to try new fruits and veggies and get all of your vitamins and minerals in. Because they’re being delivered in a liquid form, your body is able to more easily absorb the nutrients.

This diet can help reset your body’s metabolism but must be followed up with a healthy lifestyle to maintain results.

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